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Standing in Solidarity and Action with the LGBTQ+ Community

Dear Colleagues,

Once again, a horrific mass shooting has rocked the LGBTQ+ community. I am outraged, and my heart breaks for the victims, everyone who lost a loved one at Colorado Springs’ Club Q and the entire LGBTQ+ community in the aftermath of this senseless act of violent extremism. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, these killings hit too close to home for me. We cannot tolerate living in fear in the communities where we live and work. 

Sadly, these devastating acts of hate and violence have accelerated in the past several years and threaten our progress in striving for a free and just society for all people. The Colorado Springs Massacre painfully reminds us that we must do more. We can’t become desensitized. Whether it is anti-LGBTQ+, anti-Black, anti-Asian, anti-Latinx, antisemitism, or any other form of hate, we must step up our efforts to combat violence, prejudice, and hatred. We must stand in solidarity with all people and be active allies for our colleagues, clients, and communities. 

I know the news of the shootings is still very raw and unsettling. At Enspira, we vow to live our values of “being human first” and are dedicated to transforming our grief into action in our vital work. Let us continue to prioritize hard conversations with compassionate honesty, be there for one another, and remember that we are better together.

Resources to create solidarity with your teams

To help our clients during this challenging time, we’re sharing several resources you can use when engaging with your teams, including a framework for holding a solidarity meeting, a briefing document with suggested communications approaches and other reference publications. These resources are not meant to be exhaustive, but we hope they help bring your teams together to have open, candid and honest solidarity conversations. 

 At Enspira, we vow to live our values of “being human first” and are dedicated to transforming our grief into action in our vital work. Please join us in committing to creating a world free from hate and racism by taking the necessary steps to foster diversity, inclusion and belonging. The entire Enspira leadership team and our DEIB experts are here to support you. I am confident we can make positive, systematic change a reality by working together. 

Thank you,

Kurt Landon

Founder and CEO of Enspira


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