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Kurt Landon, CEO of Enspira, Speaks About the Talent of Tomorrow and Upgrading Capability

ChapmanCG & Enspira Virtual People & Culture Lab

Last month, Enspira and ChapmanCG co-hosted a virtual People and Culture Lab to its collective HR networks. This excerpt recording from the event features Enspira’s CEO, Kurt Landon, who shared his talent of tomorrow perspectives as part of the Lab’s theme: Reinventing, Reimagining and Reinvigorating HR. Kurt’s particular focus was on the importance of upgrading people manager capability & effectiveness.

According to Kurt, without great people managers, everything else in the employee experience and talent management spectrum is suboptimal.  Managers are responsible for hiring the right people, managing performance, engaging and retaining their teams and developing their people.

Kurt explains that the stakes are even higher for developing strong people manager capabilities, given the recent events of 2020.

  • Pandemic has accelerated the evolution of work and talent needs of tomorrow.
  • Heightened focus on DI&B and anti-racism.
  • Challenges of managers adapting to leading a remote workforce and ensuring their employees are engaged, especially those who are dealing with taking care of their family, caregiving and other work/life issues.
  • Given reduced staffing and changes in the workforce due to COVID-19, good people managers directly correlate to capability and leverage.

Building people manager capability starts with investing in your frontline managers. Kurt talks about the need for ongoing development of first-time and frontline managers, especially when they are new in their roles or when their behaviors haven’t been entrenched.

To meet this need, Enspira launched its People Manager Coaching Offering for first-time and frontline managers. The offering provides ongoing coaching, which is the key. Enspira matches an individual with a professional coach, a seasoned expert in people management, who provides ongoing advice and practical skills, tips and tools. The offering includes custom-designed, structured in-person and/or virtual sessions for individuals or groups. For example, the professional coach helps the individual figure out the best way to hold effective team meetings, give constructive feedback, and give effective performance reviews.

To listen to other excerpts from the Reinventing, Reimagining and Reinvigorating HR People and Culture Lab, including two accomplished CHROs: Mary Bilbrey, Global Chief Human Resources Officer at JLL and Susan Podlogar, Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer at MetLife, click here.


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