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ENSPIRA Reaffirms Its Dedication to Working Parents and Their Families

Firm signs “Invest in Parents” Pledge and Encourages all Employers to Commit to Advocate, Support and Protect Working Parents Given Their Unique Challenges

LOS ANGELES, CA – December 1, 2020 – Enspira, an innovative human resources consultancy, today announced it signed the "Invest in Parents" pledge to reaffirm its commitment to advocate, support and protect working parents to enable them to remain in and thrive in the workforce.

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted working parents' home and work lives, especially working moms of small children. Many are juggling work from home, in-home schooling and childcare, and these pressures are taking a significant emotional toll. Enspira joins a growing list of employers across the country who have signed the pledge to bring awareness to working parents' unique needs, take action and lead by example.

“At Enspira, we stand for 'Family first. Life first,' and we strive to live into this promise every day with our employees and clients," said Kurt Landon, CEO, Enspira. “With our extensive work helping organizations create a culture of diversity, inclusion and belonging (DI&B), we realize family looks different in every household. Whether that means a single-parent household, living and/or caretaking for an elderly parent, children with varied needs or an employee living alone and feeling socially isolated. With this DI&B lens, we strongly encourage all employers to offer family-friendly and work-life balance benefits and flexibility that reflects their employee base. It’s time for all employers to sign the pledge, recommit to supporting their working parents and take advantage of free resources available through the ‘Invest in Parents’ initiative.”  

“According to our recent study, only 21% of working parents have full childcare coverage, with 1 in 3 reporting either they or their partner had left the workforce to care for their children,” said Sarahjane Sacchetti, Cleo CEO. “The study also found that working parents in the U.S. are losing a cumulative 720 million hours each week to stress, anxiety and caregiving responsibilities. The ‘Invest In Parents’ Initiative offers free resources designed for employers and managers who want to support the working parents that are so essential to every company, including a COVID-19 Resource Center for employers, an expert Q&A series, and career coaching and resume resources, as well as a paid leave resource portal for businesses. For benefits leaders, we also offer opportunities to connect in small groups with like-minded peers who have signed the pledge to discuss best practices, new innovations, and successes as they continue to support the changing needs of working parents.”

The “Invest in Parents" Pledge is a movement spearheaded by Cleo, The Mom Project, Paid Leave for the United States, Happiest Baby and other working family advocates and family-forward organizations committed to supporting, protecting and investing in working parents— especially during this period of uncertainty. Employers and individuals who sign the “Invest in Parents” Pledge commit to advocating for and supporting working parents to help them participate in, remain in, and thrive in the workforce.

About Enspira

Enspira is an innovative and LGBTQ-owned HR consulting firm, headquartered in Southern California, with comprehensive and in-depth expertise and virtual services in diversity, inclusion and belonging; people manager capability and effectiveness; performance management; talent strategy and planning; employee engagement and retention; HR optimization; and HR technology platform assessment, selection and implementation guidance. Founded in 2018 by Kurt Landon, Enspira’s winning team of HR experts collectively have hundreds of years of diverse, cross-industry and global experience. We are dedicated to inspiring organizations and their people to grow and thrive by delivering fit-for-purpose solutions that work. Learn more at and follow @enspirahr.

Diana Campau

Enspira Media Relations

Phone: 805-340-4264



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