The Enspira Method

We can do the work because we have done the work.
Our team has a unique blend of HR leaders with comprehensive HR experience and career consultants with deep expertise in business transformation and operational excellence.

What is the Enspira Method?

Our proprietary methodology is the foundation of our work. Based on decades of collective HR and consulting experience, our proven, pragmatic, and client-centric approach delivers fit-for-purpose solutions and real results.

What are the benefits?

The Enspira method ensures a positive partnership to build the right fit for purpose solutions. Benefits include:

  • joint ownership and shared accountability with our clients from the very start
  • alignment on key priorities, goals, and expectations
  • mitigation of risk
  • practical and realistic solutions 
  • flexibility and agility to adapt to evolving client needs

How does it work?

Our approach is comprised of 3 phases: Launch, Architect and Implement


We begin with the end in mind by understanding your goals and objectives for the project and how it aligns to your company’s  overall mission and strategic priorities.

The signature elements of our method are the listening tour and philosophical alignment session.  These interactive, highly-engaging exercises are purposefully designed to better understand your current environment and establish the foundational principles upon which the future solution will be based. We consistently receive very positive client feedback and have found that our unique approach truly sets us apart in the market.


We architect our solutions based on the data assessed from the launch phase. We intentionally do not begin any design work until we have the inputs necessary to customize the solution to fit your specific requirements. This is an iterative process, where we continuously engage you to validate the design and key assumptions.  One of our most common outputs is a solution roadmap, a comprehensive and outcome-driven plan to address your most critical talent & HR needs.


You can rely on our end-to-end, hands-on support through implementation. We don’t just build a solution and walk away.  We often help with training, communications and change management, and we can even monitor progress and measure success in real-time. We like to stick around until you see actual results!