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Enspira elevates talent intelligence by providing a comprehensive analysis of functions and associates to ensure that your best people are in the right roles.

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when it comes to assessing company talent...

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reorgs can be risky

During reorganization initiatives, siloed decision-making and unconscious bias can undermine compliance-based diversity policies.

intelligence is often lacking

Organizations need a thorough understanding of their key talent and critical positions. 

we make sense of the process

understand and avoid the risks

Enspira knows the pitfalls of diversity compliance risk, and helps ensure that people and diversity remain top priorities during any reorganization initiative.

enable quick and comprehensive evaluation

Enspira’s segmentation capability and talent intelligence tools allow companies to comprehensively evaluate functions and workforce to ensure the right people are in the right seats.

coming soon:

talent intelligence with even more intelligence

Are you ready for the next iteration of talent intelligence? Prepare to enhance the assessment and reorg process with a new tool designed to improve data consistency, risk management, and structural decision-making--always with Enspira's defining people-first mindset. It's time to take talent intelligence to the next level.

Arriving in 2022.

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Enspira reimagines and revolutionizes the human-work experience with innovative HR solutions that put the power of business purpose in the hands of your people.

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