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when it comes to talent acquisition...

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companies don't always get what they're looking for

Companies often face difficulty when it comes to recruitment, due to weak articulation of employee experience, underperforming systems, unrealistic roles & responsibilities, and limited knowledge & access to the candidate pool.

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the experience of the candidate is everything

From the candidate perspective, recruitment processes that lack transparency, clarity, communication, speed, and fairness can be disengaging, causing desirable candidates to pass on present and future opportunities.

ready to bring in game-changing talent with enspira?

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swiftly hire game-changing talent

Understand the candidate market, streamline and articulate your opportunity, and gain access to Enspira’s diverse, expansive candidate pool.

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make the people matter

Operating with a “people-first” mindset and a culture of high-touch, transparent candidate communication, Enspira builds long term relationships with candidates and aligns individual passions with company purpose.

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accelerate growth with lean resource usage

Ultimately, with better quality candidates, shorter time-to-hire, and reduced cost per hire, Enspira accelerates the growth and performance of people and companies while keeping resource usage lean.

our services

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executive search

Enspira knows the candidate market with deep-seated relationships and a strong understanding of the passions that drive top-level talent.

talent acquisition and optimization

Optimizing internal systems to reduce time- and cost-per-hire, all while increasing the high quality of candidates.

recruitment for early-stage startups

We understand first-hand the challenges of growing a company and how success can hinge on the quality and impact of the individuals you hire at key moments in your journey.

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executive search

Enspira knows the candidate market with deep-seated relationship and a strong understand of the passions that drive top-level talent.

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talent acquisition & optimization

Optimizing internal systems to reduce time- and cost-per-hire, all while maintaining a high quality of candidate.

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recruitment for early-stage startups

We understand first-hand the challenges of growing a company and how success can hinge on the quality and impact of the individuals you hire at key moments in your journey.v

our startup team

Alan Mait

President, Search

Alan is a seasoned HR executive search leader with more than 20 years in the field. His experience spans the US, Europe, and APAC where he has built and managed high-performing, market-leading teams. This international perspective has taught Alan the value that diversity of experience and culture can bring to organizations and the importance of challenging our own learned behaviors to keep growing as professionals and human beings. He has learned the value of cultivating, maintaining, and enhancing relationships with senior business and HR leaders, offering credible and accurate market information to aid key hiring decisions. His successes have fueled a desire to keep learning and to appreciate the unique challenges inherent in each hiring process. A lawyer in his previous life, Alan was drawn to the search industry because of his passion for helping people and organizations realize their full potential. While attempting to improve his golf game, Alan also enjoys fine dining experiences with his wife Heather and being a plaything for their four furry family members Bailey, Jagger, Ragnar, and Lagertha.

Tracy A. Rowland

Vice President, Human Capital & Search

Tracy A. is an empowering talent acquisition executive with over 20 years of experience in human capital management, known globally for her ability to creatively raise an organization's capabilities and brilliance through people, process, and technology. Tracy has a passion for all things talent and believes building a rich, diverse and inclusive workforce catapults an organization's ability to become a best-in-class leader in the market, reinforcing collaboration and innovation for success. Tracy holds a Bachelor’s degree from Western Illinois University and is an alumna of the esteemed executive leadership program from Loyola University. Before joining Enspira, Tracy built and successfully led an executive search and HCM consulting practice serving a diverse portfolio of clients & companies across the globe. True to her Irish roots, Tracy can be found in the sunshine, sipping a cup of tea, musing over her next charitable endeavor. Inspired by the adventure and beauty of everyday life, Tracy has a passion for health and wellness and believes the spirit of paying it forward is the key to happiness and success.

Jennifer Woods

Senior Director, Head of Search & Talent Acquisition Optimization

Jennifer has 25 years global HR leadership experience with broad expertise in Talent Acquisition & Operations, HR Technology, International Benefits, Employee Relations, Coaching, Strategic HR Partnerships, Mergers & Acquisitions and New Country Expansion. Prior to Enspira, she successfully built and lead teams at Expedia Group, JP Morgan Chase, Volt Technical Resources and Alaska Airlines. In her 12 years at Expedia, Jennifer was on the ground helping to launch the Switzerland office and spent two years in Singapore leading and supporting multiple HR programs in 27+ countries globally. Jennifer earned her Associates of Applied Science Degree from Bellevue College. She brings her passion and curiosity to Enspira to help others optimize and grow their business and confidence in their own journeys. A lover of travel, sports and learning, Jennifer's other interests include holistic healing, mindful living and new experiences. She is based in Seattle with her not so mini mini-bernedoodle puppy, Finn and can regularly be found riding her Peloton or attending a local Orangetheory class. Jenn loves great food, skiing, hiking and spending time with her family and friends.

Mike Bearden

Senior Director, Search

Mike is a passionate people operations and talent acquisition professional with an interest in positive impact, meaningful connections, and maximizing human potential. Most recently, he worked at Riviera Partners, teaming with companies to help them hire for executive-level engineering and product management roles. Prior to Rivera, Mike worked as the VP of People Operations with SF-based startup HouseCanary, where he helped grow the organization from 15 to 125, with responsibility for all people-related areas. Before HouseCanary, Mike held in-house talent acquisition roles with Capital One, JCPenney, and

Erika Girard

Senior Director, Search

Erika is a Talent Acquisition professional with over 20 years of experience within agency, corporate and Big 4 consulting firms. She is passionate about developing recruiting solutions for clients focusing on innovation and creativity. She successfully builds and leads recruiting teams who not only achieve the goals of the team, but also thrive in their individual careers. As a partner with business leaders, she identifies top talent using proven recruiting and sourcing methods as well as hire-to-train and alternative sources of talent. In her personal time, Erika enjoys spending time with her family, practicing yoga and reading.

Maria Rosado

Manager, Search

Maria has over 14 years of business operations experience including, payroll and accounting but is most passionate about the Human Resources function. In 2019, she earned her B.S. Degree in Human Resources Management while working full-time as a Human Resources Manager for the Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island. Maria has a keen eye for process improvement and is intrinsically motivated to help organizations evaluate the equity of their hiring practices and create workplaces that exude a welcoming, inclusive and collaborative culture. Most recently, Maria served as a Talent Acquisition Specialist for New England’s largest community college. She improved the equity and efficiency of the college’s hiring practices by revamping and automating an outdated search process that resulted in a significant increase in the diversity of new hires. Maria has extensive experience working with and implementing HR technology including, human resources information and applicant tracking systems. Her peers recognize her as a passionate and enthusiastic HR trailblazer.

Olivia Satow

Senior Specialist, Search

Olivia graduated from San Diego State University with a B.S. in Business Management. Prior to Enspira, she worked at Maxable Space, a marketplace startup company operating in the realm of accessory dwelling units. At Maxable, she served in several cross-department roles that spanned Sales, Marketing, and Business Development. Olivia also worked in the restaurant industry for five years, serving and managing front of house employees. Olivia’s personality and experience has curated a passion for both people and process in the workplace. In her free time, she likes to focus on the emotional and physical well-being of herself and those around her, which leads her to spending time with family, listening to music, working out, and paying it forward in any way she can.

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